Aerotech M2050X-PS RMS


The M2050X-PS (P/N 13205P) uses AeroTech’s high-performance Propellant X™ that produces a bright white flame and a moderate amount of smoke. This motor delivers an incredible 5,493 N-sec of total impulse from only 5.0 pounds of propellant, resulting in an industry-leading propellant “specific impulse” (or Isp, a measure of propellant efficiency) of 247 seconds! Due to its low 5.0 lb. propellant weight, the M2050X-PS is perfect for Level 3 attempts and sport flights in rockets exceeding 100 lbs. liftoff weight. The M2050X-PS fits in RMS-75/5120 motor hardware, or in 75/6400 and 75/7560 motors using the AeroTech 75mm Reload Adapter System™ (RAS).

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M2050 (1x Reload)

M2050 Propellant X

Manufacturer: Aerotech

Cert Required: L3

Diameter: 75

Length: 5120

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