Aerotech O5280X-PS DMS


AeroTech is pleased to announce the Tripoli certification of the O5280X-PS, a new 98mm DMS Disposable Motor System™ single-use rocket motor that produces the highest certified total impulse of any 98mm rocket motor ever sold to the sport rocketry market. The O5280X-PS (P/N 15528P) motor uses AeroTech’s high-Isp Propellant X™ to produce an exceptionally high total impulse, accompanied by a bright white flame with a moderate amount of smoke. The motor delivers 22,223 N-sec of total impulse in 4.4 seconds making it ideal for extreme high-altitude attempts (including two-stage flights to the edge of outer space!) and sport flights in heavy weight rockets. The O5280X-PS is a “plugged” motor that produces tracking smoke only, and cannot be configured with an integral ejection charge. Rockets using 75 and 98mm DMS motors must utilize an electronically-activated recovery system.

The O5280X-PS DMS motor features a filament-wound fiberglass casing, a glass-reinforced composite phenolic nozzle and a machined aluminum bulkhead with a built-in 3/8-16 thread for a matching eye bolt. The O5280X-PS motor is configured with a removable, threaded fiberglass thrust ring. Thrust rings on DMS motors are designed to fit standard motor retainers. All DMS motors ship with a FirstFire or FirstFire Jr.™ initiator. The O5280X-PS is sold in kit form for shipping purposes and requires a specific build process that must be followed precisely for proper and safe operation. All necessary adhesives and instructions are included.

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O5280 (1x Single Use)

O5280 Propellant X

Manufacturer: Aerotech

Cert Required: L3

Diameter: 98


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