Aerotech K455NW-17A DMS


The K455NW-17A (P/N 114517) “boost-sustain” motor uses a combination of AeroTech’s Warp-9™ and White Lightning™ propellants to produce a unique thrust curve with a brilliant white flame and a moderate amount of smoke. The “boost” portion of the thrust curve generates nearly 300 pounds of thrust for about 0.5 seconds, followed by a longer “sustain” phase of about 90 pounds. The motor delivers 2,328 N-sec of total impulse in 5.1 seconds making it ideal for Level 2 certifications and sport flights in medium to heavy-weight rockets. The K455NW-17A comes with a 17-second delay, which can be adjusted using the AeroTech Universal Delay Drilling Tool (P/N UDDT).

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K455 (1x Single Use)

K455 Warp 9/White Lightning

Manufacturer: Aerotech

Cert Required: L2

Diameter: 54


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